Top 10 Best Quotes from Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 2

"Rage, Sarah, rage. Let it all out..."

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The second episode of season 5 surely was shocking in many ways, not even mentioning the scene we do not want to mention, but there were also some lighthearted and funny scenes. To catch up before the next episode airs, we have compiled some of the best quotes from this episode for you.



  1. 1 "So am I just supposed to sit here like a bump on a log?" - Alison Hendrix

    Let’s start off with another gem from Alison’s new series of metaphors. After my favourite ‘poop on a stoop’ from the previous episode, she comes up with this new legend. I wonder what’s coming next?

  2. 2 "You just need to relax and consider your bebes." - Donnie Hendrix

    Oh, Donnie, you never fail to do a bad impression of Helena’s accent. Mentioning her lizard babies on top of that.

  3. 3 "Is this what it’s like being a parent? How banal." -Rachel Duncan

    Zen Rachel finally gets what she wants. However, I bet that none of us ever want Ferdinand as the father figure.

  4. 4 "Why don’t you choke on your own vomit?" - Mrs. S

    Exactly. Mrs. S said what we all thought at that point. Thanks, S.

  5. 5 "Shove it up your bleached arse." - Sarah Manning

    Sarah has successfully managed to come up with probably the best comeback of all times.

  6. 6 " Mrs. Hendrix Code White" - Nurse at hospital

    Apparently, code white means ‘violent patient’ which would be the case for Helena. Are there going to be any consequences? We know that Helena fled in a very elegant (and open at the back) method, but what about Alison?

  7. 7 "I can’t feel her anymore!" - Kira Manning

    I cried. You cried. We all cried. While being absolutely horrified.

  8. 8 "She says Delphine was very nice." - Charlotte Bowles

    The smile! The smile!

  9. 9 "Who do you think invented sneaking out of the house?" -Felix Dawkins ; "I DID!" - Sarah Manning

    Honestly, please, give me more of Sarah’s backstory, I would absolutely love to see her back in her teenage years. Sneaking out of the house, Felix having to steal S’ truck to bail her out of jail... honestly, I’d live for that.

  10. 10 "I’m not a ghost." - Delphine Cormier

    Delphine ‘doesn’thavemuchtime’ Cormier is back! Forming an alliance with Mrs S. This is going to be some high level secret shite and we’re loving it.

    Where we got the Gif from:

    (love that this one is just called jesus, haha)

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