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The clone sisterhood has been through it all together. From assassinations, detrimental illnesses, monitors and accidental murders to suburban drug fronts, kidnappings, male clones and biological warfare – there isn’t anything this lot hasn’t experienced. But through it all, they’ve remained united in their love and mission to keep each other safe at all costs.  They’ve sacrificed their families, the loves of their lives, and any true sense of normalcy – all for the chance to liberate themselves from forces much bigger than any one of them. Now, they must all fight for the family they’ve chosen, for a new future and ultimately, for freedom.



SARAH MANNING (Tatiana Maslany), the streetwise chameleon who inherited a motley band of clone sestras that she’s bravely led through a maze of fierce enemies, is on the brink.  Of what, she doesn’t yet know – but it means annihilation or freedom. When they lost the “original” from whom the clones were created, they lost the cure that would subsequently save their lives. This shoved Sarah down a familiar reckless path and straight into a confrontation with Rachel. Now wounded, stranded, and powerless to help her foster mum S and daughter Kira when Ferdinand comes calling, Sarah’s number might finally be up. With S’s network compromised, and Neolution more powerful than ever, Sarah realizes she can no longer go off half-cocked.  Guided by her mum’s mantra of patience and precision, Sarah can be the leader clone club deserves… One who will lead them into a desperate and bloody last stand for their freedom.

HELENA (Tatiana Maslany), Sarah’s identical twin estranged at birth and raised by nuns in an oppressive and harsh Ukrainian convent, has finally found her place amongst the sestras she once tried to assassinate. Last season, Helena sought solitude to spare Alison’s feelings about her pregnancy and fled deep into the wilderness. Now isolated from her family as Neolution closes in, Helena has no choice but to protect her twin’s miraculous biology, bringing the once indomitable Helena to her knees. Determined to keep her precious offspring from walking her dark and lonely path, she’ll be forced with a choice between her chosen family and her biological imperative as a mother.

ALISON HENDRIX (Tatiana Maslany), the soccer mom that married young and sought out domesticity, is wife to Donnie Hendrix and an adoptive mother. On the surface, she appears the epitome of control, but in truth, she is a pill-popping addict, a recovering alcoholic and former drug dealer…. oh, and an adulterer and murderer, but those were just incidental. However, with Neolution and the police on her heels, those incidental infractions may finally send her house of cards tumbling down.  She and Donnie have fled to the woods, putting Alison very much outside herself. This season she’ll set off on a journey of self-discovery as she grows to despise her own controlling nature and the superficiality of suburban life. But Alison will need to overcome her biggest insecurity – her clone identity – in order to justify her place within the sisterhood.

COSIMA NIEHAUS (Tatiana Maslany) is the laid-back geeky stoner who was once a PhD student in Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology. She dropped out of school to study the female clones’ biology. With the congenital respiratory illness that has killed other clones still threatening her life, Cosima is running short on time. Reunited with the love-of-her-life, Delphine, after a close brush with death, Cosima has never been more determined or reckless. With or without Delphine, she will do whatever it takes to uncover the twisted science at the core of the Neolution agenda, and hopefully, save her own life.

RACHEL DUNCAN (Tatiana Maslany) was the first female clone raised self-aware of her origin. Raised as a corporate cutthroat, Rachel learned to make ruthless decisions toward Neolution’s end goals. but growing up this way only served to bolster her desire for power and harden her against her sisters. After being nursed back to glory by her mother, Susan Duncan, and forming a delicate alliance with the sestras, Rachel turned on all of them in grab for power. The season, she sits at the head of the snake. Neolution has become more than a means to an end for Rachel. More than power, it is belief and belonging. But now that she’s reached the top of the pyramid, she is quickly discovering that not everything is as it seems.

 KRYSTAL GODDERITCH (Tatiana Maslany) The newest member of clone club, and still not super sure about this whole clone thing, Krystal is a truth seeker. Since the events of last season, Krystal has been on a crusade to expose the shady underbelly of Global Cosmetics. Her crusade has already put her on Dyad’s radar, but as she digs deeper she brushes against a truth scarier than anything she could possibly imagine.

FELIX DAWKINS (Jordan Gavaris) is Sarah’s younger foster brother and most trusted confidante. A struggling artist, Felix has been a pillar of strength for clone club. Caustic, dramatic and quick-witted, his tongue often lands him in hot water. This season, Felix goes to great personal lengths to help secure the sestras’ freedom. His artistic voice however finds new maturity, celebrating the clones’ unique identities while providing a vital respite from the darkness all around them.

MRS. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) is Sarah and Felix’s adoptive mother whose compassion is matched only by the hard love she dishes out. The caretaker of Sarah’s daughter Kira – S has spent much of the latter part of motherhood keeping Kira safe from Sarah’s unpredictable world. After reuniting with her mother, the clone ‘original’ Kendall Malone, S suffered a striking blow when she was killed by Neolution.  With her Network in disarray, it’s clear to S that it’s time for desperate measures. She’ll do her best to guide Sarah through this next phase of motherhood, while maintaining a dark alliance behind the sisters’ backs… an alliance that she fears may tear all their lives apart.

DONNIE HENDRIX (Kristian Bruun) is Alison’s bumbling, but generally harmless husband who spent most of their marriage doubling as her monitor. But don’t be fooled, Donnie’s pretty bad ass too! He offed Dr. Leekie, sold drugs with Alison, albeit ineffectually, and pierced the lair of the mob with Helena to get what his family was owed…ending in a disastrous triple homicide. But those are just pesky circumstances…what’s really important is the odd but tightly knit relationship Donnie’s formed with Helena. Her trust in him however, puts him in a bind as Neolution continues to squeeze his family on her whereabouts. Donnie will be forced to decide between his wife and his sestra, an unimaginable choice…. especially since both know where the bodies are buried!

ART BELL (Kevin Hanchard) is a veteran detective and former partner to the late Beth Childs, who’s become unwittingly enfolded in the clone conspiracy. After discovering how far Neolution tentacles stretched into his department, Art has made decisions that he’d never thought he’d have to. Feeling pressure from that fallout of Detective Duko’s mysterious disappearance, at the hands of Mrs. S, this season he has a new partner who’s expressed a great deal of interest in finding him. Despite everything Art has been fiercely loyal to Sarah, but Neolution’s renewed interest in him could very well stretch that loyalty to its limit.

DELPHINE (Èvelyne Brochu) returns this season after surviving an assassination attempt by Detective Duko. Delphine has been ally, monitor, enemy, and lover to the Leda sisters, specifically Cosima. We met her first as a lab assistant working as Cosima’s monitor. Delphine famously fell in love with the nerdy clone and has been surreptitiously working from the inside of Neolution to find a way to save her beloved. After succeeding Leekie at Dyad Delphine found herself in a power struggle with Rachel that led to her eventual attempted assassination. Believed dead, Delphine spent her time recovering on the Island and has since found a role as a researcher and physician. Cosima’s presence on the island is a relief to Delphine, but it causes questions about her loyalty, putting her double agent status at risk. As much as Delphine wants to be with Cosima, honesty has never been the foundation of their relationship, and her continued work in the shadows may very well save the sisters, but cost her the love of her life.

KIRA (Skyler Wexler) is an anomaly in the clone world, born of the should-be sterile Sarah Manning. Though Kira’s world is a turbulent mess, she possesses an eerie calm for a child her age. After recent experiences of loss and violence, Kira grows distrustful of her mom’s promise that everything will be okay. Her deep connection with the various clone sisters tell her otherwise. As Neolution and Rachel take a renewed interest in her biology, Kira has plans of her own to secure freedom for herself and her family. 

SCOTT (Josh Vokey) is Cosima’s former lab partner and loyal friend. Aiding her since the beginning, Scott’s loyalty to the clones he’s given up all his life ambitions for is commendable.  This lovable nerd has dedicated himself to finding a cure for the congenital disease that threatens their existence.

IRA (Ari Millen) the only Castor clone not raised in Virginia Coady’s rigid pseudo-military regimen, Ira is more “West End” to their “Westpoint.” Taken by Susan Duncan as a young boy, Ira was raised in the science of Neolution and later became Susan’s lover. After Susan’s falling out with Rachel, Ira is uncertain as to where his loyalties should lie. Fully aware that as a Castor his life span is currently limited, Ira’s continued trust in Susan, or Neolution entirely, may very well be misplaced.

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