Globetrotting Helena: Eating & Sightings #OBHelenaEats

What's eating Helena? Where in the world is Helena now? This is a place for all Helena sightings- in her natural habitat, eating of course.

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We’re obsessed with Helena eating. I mean if there’s a spin off of her just gallivanting around the world eating food featured on Fear Factor, we will support it! We can watch her eat all day. How about her own show eh? We’ll call it “Keeping up with Helena’s Eating Shenanigans.”

Will you join us for the fun of it? Keep this page going by submitting your own pic of Helena eating where ever you are in the world! Please print an actual photo of Helena eating- just like on the photos here (do not photoshop the image to a background). Include a caption. Scroll below to download the photo for printing. A 5×7 size is what we used.

Send your image via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #OBHelenaEats or send it to us by email:

Keep it coming! We’d love to see where Helena eats next…

We’ll give free Orphan Black merchandising to the most creative or most unique as we get them!


How to Play along:

  1. Click image to download (save as….).
  2. Print on a 5×7 size photo paper
  3. Carry it everywhere you go.
  4. Snap Away with a visible landmark or creative setting
  5. Send it to us via Twitter or instagram using hashtag #OBHelenaEats; Include a caption and location.

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