Orphan Black Fan Oeuvre Series 4 #OBFanArt

Charming Orphan Black art in various colors and hues in mixed media.

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What the dickens is Oeuvre?!
oeu·vre /ˈəvrə,ˈo͞ovrə/ . noun
Just brushing up on our french. 😉 It means the works of an artist, painter, composer, or author regarded collectively. In this case, an Orphan Black fan’s catalogue of art presented in a series of posts, one post per artist.
Please respect copyright of our featured artists. No, You may not use them for commercial purposes. 
Please contact us or the artists directly for other forms of usage. Merci.


The works of Anny aka @clonesandpencils in Mixed Media

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Anny. 20 (nearly 21!) Hello, I like to draw! I spend about 75% of my day either drawing or thinking about it, even at university, where I study English Language and Literature (my professors love me!). I’m really into Applied Linguistics and hope to do something like that in the future. I also love to write, usually fan fiction (usually about Beth Childs a.k.a. my favourite LEDA of them all) or Orphan Black related theories or analyses. I also love books. I’ll read just about anything, but usually historical fiction or magical realism are the ones that I will most probably like. I love music and I like to make music too. I play multiple musical instruments and I sing, but nobody knows that because I’m bad and I don’t share it with the world.