15 Times Orphan Black S05 Ep 6 rocked! One word takes the cake: KRYSTAL!

There were serious moments on this episode but sorry, not sorry- this was a Krystal Goderitch, Manicurist episode.

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Krystal’s baaaaack! Questions were answered! Mysteries were revealed! A great start to the second half of the season.

  1. 1 "Do you like Krystal?" - Sarah

    Kira is all of us. What's not to like about Krystal? She's got an interesting way of figuring things out, but she's surprisingly spot on. I was actually thinking about how much I missed Krystal the week previously so I was so excited when we got that sneak peek of Krystal after 5x05 aired.

  2. 2 "Okay, steer him to DYAD. Don't make it obvious." - Sarah

    Oh, Krystal. You have quite the knack for doing the opposite of what you're told to do. She may not believe the whole clone thing, but she's definitely a Leda.

  3. 3 "Dialysis? What's wrong with your kidneys?" - Susan

    P.T. responded to this with a firm "nothing", but we all know that's not true. We finally learned what the treatments he's been receiving from Mud have been for.

  4. 4 "What are you doing?" - Art

    Not gonna lie... I chose this one just so I could gif Art's "HOE DON'T DO IT" face. Because I was literally trying not to wake up my sleeping family while watching this week's episode. (I'm currently on vacation in North Carolina.)

  5. 5 "Guess you weren't expecting me." - Coady

    I wasn't sure whether we'd see Coady again after 5x04, but it was quite the surprise when she walked into P.T.'s living room. (for me, at least) It seems like she has an even bigger role to play than we were led to believe in 5x04...

  6. 6 "DYAD is a bad Corporate citizen." - Krystal

    I loved Krystal talking to Sarah via her earpiece and confusing the hell out of Len. Classic. 

  7. 7 "Rachel, look at me. There will come a day when you need us." - Siobhan

    FORESHADOWING ANYONE? It'll happen sooner rather than later.

  8. 8 "Is she actually necessary? 'Cause she is so rude, every single time." - Krystal

    First off, can we talk about the Elle Woods vibes Krystal was giving off with this outfit? Because I was loving it. I love it when Krystal and Sarah interact on screen. They're such polar opposites that hilarity ensues whenever they're on screen together. 

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