The Ultimate Orphan Black Rachel Duncan Spotify Playlist

This song compilation is a homage to Rachel Duncan. She's still and will be forever more "Uber Bitch" but somehow we mean it as an endearment. She is badass!

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The first time Rachel Duncan appeared on screen at the end of Season one, she catapulted arguably as the most hated villain on Orphan Black within seconds. Season after season, she outdoes herself in the villain scale, and then came the fifth and final season, Episode 7 when layer after layer, Rachel’s backstory is revealed in a mere 43 minutes. By the end of the episode, we renounce all ill-feelings towards Rachel and begin to root for her!

Such is the brilliance of Tatiana Maslany’s acting that she really got the essence of Rachel played on screen. In moments where she wasn’t saying anything, you can see and feel Rachel imploding. Her eyes and facial expressions, even her limp communicate every subtle nuance of emotions only Tatiana could have delivered as Rachel. Major props to excellent direction from David Frazee and exceptional writing from Renée St. Cyr for digging in so deep into Rachel’s upbringing that everything made sense. “Gag or Throttle” is the best episode yet of Season 5!

This song compilation is a homage to Rachel Duncan. She’s still and will be forever more “Uber Bitch” but somehow we mean it as an endearment. She is badass! Beneath the cold, calculating, contemptuous facade is one lonely wretched, damaged soul waiting, wanting and needing to be loved. She’s been through so much, being raised by a corporation versus a home. Her extreme actions in the past surely doesn’t free her of ramifications but don’t we all deserve redemption? We love Rachel Duncan. Pro-clone no more (We hope)…

We invite you to listen to the tracks as it is organized and find the story of Rachel through the songs.

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