10 Best Quotes & Moments on Orphan Black S 05 Ep 08

"We do what we can, each of us, in our own way. And we do it for each other. Chipping at the devil till he’s done." -Mrs. S

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  1. 1 “Okay, so do you wanna spend the morning safeguarding the genetic future of humankind, or do you wanna have brunch?” - Cosima

    After seasons of turmoil and distrust, it was refreshing to see Cosima and Delphine finally sharing such a playful – and dare I say domestic? – moment together. It's been a long, long time coming for the two lovebirds.  Another thing that's been a long time coming? Delphine's acceptance into Clone Club. After this episode, it's probably safe to assume she's (finally!) a full-fledged member of the club. Give her a clone phone already! 

  2. 2 The Super Duo: Mrs. S and Delphine

    It happened. It finally happened. We finally got to see Mrs. S and Delphine team up, making one badass super duo. Those two have been kicking ass and taking names since day one, makes sense they'd join forces to take down the baddies once and for all. 

  3. 3 “I remember the time I ID’ed your dead body.”--Colin

    Colin the “odd duck” morgue attendant returns! This moment was great for two reasons: a) the callback to season one and b) Alison’s spot-on impression of Sarah. Felix seems quite smitten with him too, so maybe they’ll finally get a chance at another date, no interruptions this time!

  4. 4 “It’s for my babies. It’s my joys and my pain and sorrows, so they walk a brighter path.”--Helena

    My, my how Helena has grown. She’s always been a bit rough around the edges, but seeing her more delicate side as she prepares for her miracle babies has been really quite heartwarming. #SaveHelena #SaveMiracleBabies

  5. 5 “What do you wanna do with our freedom?” --Cosima

    “I want…” --Delphine

    I want? I want what? Many were left wondering how Delphine was going to finish that sentence. Felix’s impeccable timing robbed us of knowing for now, but hopefully we’ll find out before the series is over.

  6. 6 Rachel Betrays Ferdinand

    A BIG moment for Rachel. She could've slipped back into her villainous ways, but instead she chose the one thing she's been chasing after since forever: her freedom. 

  7. 7 "We do what we can, each of us, in our own way. And we do it for each other. Chipping at the devil till he’s done.” --Mrs. S

    A quiet, yet powerful moment between Mrs. S and Rachel, delivered so beautifully by Maria Doyle Kennedy. In The Hive writers’ blog, episode scribe, Aisha Porter-Christie, described it as a message of hope, a message of encouragement to keep fighting for justice and equality no matter how futile it may seem. 

  8. 8 “You guys did all this for us.” --Cosima

    This beautiful emotional scene between Delphine and Cosima will certainly go down as one of the greatest moments in Orphan Black history. There was laughter. There were tears. And after all this time – after five whole seasons – there was closure to one of the series’ biggest story lines. Really hits home that, yes, Orphan Black is coming to an end.

  9. 9 "It’s taught me that we are all mysterious works of chance, of choice, of nature versus nurture. So to my galaxy of women… Thank you for the nurture.” --Felix

    Another emotionally charged moment, this time in the form of a beautiful speech delivered so perfectly by Jordan Gavaris’ Felix. It was an ode to the women in his life and it left viewers reaching for the tissues. 

  10. 10 “Chickens.” --Mrs. S

    Rest in peace, Mrs. S.  It was hard saying goodbye to one of TV’s coolest, most badass mums. Forever a warrior, she went out fighting, doing the one thing she has always done: protecting her chickens. 

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