50-Word Essay Challenge

Mean what you say, say what you mean in fifty words-- exactly. No more, no less.

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To quote Sir William Shakespeare, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Short and sweet. Oh. how hard it is to make a long story short?!

This is the 50-word essay challenge.

Do you have something interesting to say about Orphan Black and or any of its cast members? It could be funny, sad, scary, angry, poignant, mysterious, conspiracy-filled, geeky, poetic, romantic. Your choice. Mean what you say, say what you mean in fifty words– exactly. No more, no less. FIFTY WORDS. Read EXAMPLES HERE.

Write it down. Do a word-count check! Give it a great title! Make sure it is exactly fifty words. Send it to us and you may win our “Essay of the Month”! Win that and be entered into our “Essay of the Year“!

Only one submission is allowed per month. Depending on the volume we get, we will only publish up to 5 entries each month. Essays that were not selected for the month may be rolled over into the next month. We will notify you whether or not your essay is selected. If your essay has not been selected, you may not resubmit the same essay again. Please feel free to revise it. Kindly wait at least a month to follow up if you don’t hear from us.

Monthly cut off submissions is until the 24th of every month. We will publish on or around the 28th of every month. We will begin publishing submissions in AUGUST 2017. OPEN to all Clone Club members anywhere you are in the world!!

Creative Commons License

What’s in it for me?!

Get noticed by #CloneClub of course! There is no prize associated for each entry. However, each month we shall pick an “Essay of the Month” and the winning author will receive $10 USD via paypal. All winning entries will be in the running to win “Essay of the Year” and receive $25 and a #CloneClub merchandise from us!

How to Submit:

  1. You can either use our contact page or email us directly at submissions @ cloneclub . global.
  2. Kindly put: 50-word challenge on the subject line.
  3. Please include a great title for your essay, your name and a short third-person bio. Include your social media profiles and website if you wish.
  4. Anonymous submissions will NOT be published. Please use a pseudonym or a pen name.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. We will not tolerate nor accept hateful or vulgar posts. Please keep content appropriate for all ages.
  2. By submitting your essay, you are granting CloneClub.global non-exclusive rights to share the article on this website and on social media. You will retain full ownership of your writing and may do as you please with it.
  3. If your essay has been published elsewhere, including your own site or social media network, please let us know so we may include that information.
  4. Stories published on CloneClub.Global become available through a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  5. A winning entry will be judged based on its creativity, vision, appeal and overall impact. Our contributors are not exempt from sending in an entry.
  6. Must have a valid paypal account to claim prize. Feel free to use a friend’s or family member’s paypal address- with their permission of course!
  7. An author can win a maximum of three times at a given year. Winning three times will put you on our WALL-OF-FAME and you get bragging rights! Wall-of-fame recipients may not necessarily win the “Essay of the Year” award though your chances of winning will be higher!
  8. The winner will be notified by email and announced on social media at the end of each month.
  9. We reserve the right to add, edit or change the terms and conditions as we deem appropriate without notice.


This concept was inspired by:

The Scottish Book Trust

The Boston Globe

50-Word Stories

Some  guide to writing short stories:

Five Things: Writing a Short Story

Anatomy of a Micro Fiction


Go get writing and enjoy!


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